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Social Media Detoxification, The Alfred E. Neuman Way

It’s been a while but here’s one for the new year… A few weeks into a new year, and a new decade, and there I was congratulating myself for having managed to avoid reading anything resembling a retrospective or a … Continue reading

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Sandpits and social media maturity

Five minutes after I had responded to a rather simplistic question a connection of mine had posted on my favourite professional social media platform (Q: In 2 words what would I tell my younger self. A: Be yourself) I started … Continue reading

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…and Destiny lends a hand

The one oasis in my working day is lunch break. Its sacred, I’d even say it’s a golden rule to peel myself away from a rather too pre-occupyingly full mailbox, go into another room, sit down, eat something hot and … Continue reading

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Baiersbronn and inner harmony.

A long St Valentine’s weekend was the occasion to show my wife the Black Forest I used to live and work in years before and had talked so much about. The fact that we’d chosen St Valentine’s to go down … Continue reading

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The tenuous connection between altered images and Storage Wars.

So is the connection really that tenuous? Read on and see… In one of those all too rare moments now I was working with my middle brother on some “Nuts & Bolts” issues with a project he was realizing about … Continue reading

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