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Opinions! Everyone has one and you know what? We all love sharing an opinion. Opinionating and gossiping, it’s hard-wired in our DNA and has been ever since Lucy walked the plains down in Africa. And what an era we live … Continue reading

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Safe Net, Alternative Net, Dark Net. You choose!

Everything you do on the ‘net is monitored and moneyed, generally without you knowing it! A sobering thought isn’t it, and as the tendency today is to use internet for virtually everything, from filling out tax forms, banking, shopping, cooking … Continue reading

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Tron and the art of social media civility

The theory as to why time flies when you´re having fun has been put under so many loops and microscopes I won’t add my two pennies worth about that here, suffice to say I’m fine with the theory, in theory. … Continue reading

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