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Opinions! Everyone has one and you know what? We all love sharing an opinion. Opinionating and gossiping, it’s hard-wired in our DNA and has been ever since Lucy walked the plains down in Africa. And what an era we live … Continue reading

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Sorry I Couldn’t Help Out!

Over time I have, like the myriad of co-members of our favourite professional network (>350 million and counting), received a fair number emails from the guys at LinkedIn, personally the most memorable one was to thank me for being one … Continue reading

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Deluge and no win situations!

One of the so-called “Blockbuster” films I watched recently was “Noah”, starring Russell Crowe. How Hollywoodian it all was and what a twist to the Biblical tale, Bravo! Creationism revisited to suit all tastes, and what a super topic for … Continue reading

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9 months, and all that.

9 months into what I am now calling my „02nd German experience“ and it´s about time I took stock of what I´ve achieved so far, what´s still to be done and what might (still) have to be done to stick … Continue reading

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LinkedIn like an aquarium.

Sipping some breakfast coffee early one morning I switched on the television and, for want of better, watched the news on some cable TV channel while waiting for the caffeine to kick in and wake me up. As ever my … Continue reading

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