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The Creeping Institutionalization of a Kink

It’s rant time!… There’s an irritating kink institutionalizing itself in everyday exchanges on Social Media today: the F-bomb. If only it stopped with a puerile tweet, but it doesn’t. This banalizing use of the f-word in Social Media is creeping … Continue reading

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Checking the news on Twitter one morning, skipping over the latest op-ed from a named author about the March Hare and his Washingtonian rabbit hole, I got side-tracked into reading an article from The New York Review of Books. Essentially … Continue reading

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Why Argue On The Internet

It’s difficult arguing with people whose sole objective seems to be to refute, refuse and confound established facts. Even when presented with what is generally considered to be the truth arguments are brushed aside with either scorn or sarcasm (or … Continue reading

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Alexa! Give Me 4 Ways To Get Rich… Quick.

Someone once said the thing about making money is you have to be smart & lucky. Getting off your butt in the first place helps as well. What follows is a tongue in cheek look at getting off the butt … Continue reading

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