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Triggering Associations

The trigger happened one night as I was watching Raymond Reddington enthuse over a glass of Romanée-Conti in an episode of “The Blacklist“. The name rang a bell and got me trying to remember where the Romanée-Conti Reddington spoke of … Continue reading

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Coming to Terms with Mount Everest

Recognizing that we may not all become generals, CEO of a big High Tech enterprise (people with a singular mindset to begin with), or Junko Tabei doesn’t mean life is necessarily destined to be a failure. On the contrary, it’s … Continue reading

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Wish I could fly like… (Superman)

It’s true. When you settle down for the night and let the brain run free and process whatever tensions or issues the frontal lobe function had been suppressing during the day a portal opens up into the psyche. What follows … Continue reading

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The Opportunist and the Food Truck

So there I was standing next in line, in a queue of two, at the coffee machine at work explaining to a colleague what a Cornish Pasty was and where it came from when a guy comes up and, without … Continue reading

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Social Media Detoxification, The Alfred E. Neuman Way

It’s been a while but here’s one for the new year… A few weeks into a new year, and a new decade, and there I was congratulating myself for having managed to avoid reading anything resembling a retrospective or a … Continue reading

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Projections and Fireclowns

“Pondering on the state of the multiverse… I’m a wanderer on a path of my choosing, albeit full of twists, forks and turns. I like to consider my fate my own but in reality, I’m forced to recognize that if … Continue reading

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Air Travel: Chasing Elusive Miles… and Smiles

On a recent flight back from the States I half-heartedly listened to the Delta captain as we approached Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, half-heartedly because like most frequent flyers I’d heard it before and was busy stuffing things into my … Continue reading

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The Creeping Institutionalization of a Kink

It’s rant time!… There’s an irritating kink institutionalizing itself in everyday exchanges on Social Media today: the F-bomb. If only it stopped with a puerile tweet, but it doesn’t. This banalizing use of the f-word in Social Media is creeping … Continue reading

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The Nomad Syndrome

The nomad syndrome strikes again! After six years of a “gemütlich” if predictable life in Germany, wife, cats, the fish in their tank and I decided to pack our bags, fold our yurt and head north to greener pastures in … Continue reading

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Laying the Past to Rest

‘Despair and die’ the spirits tell Richard III before the Battle of Bosworth… ‘Live and flourish’ say the same spirits to the sleeping Earl of Richmond. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity of going [back] to France with … Continue reading

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