Alexa! Give Me 4 Ways To Get Rich… Quick.

Scrooge McDuck meets LaLa lands

Someone once said the thing about making money is you have to be smart & lucky. Getting off your butt in the first place helps as well.

What follows is a tongue in cheek look at getting off the butt and finding ways of getting rich like those household name billionaires we all know (but without taking 30 years to build an empire or worrying about minor details such as jail time if things don’t transpire as expected). Believe me, finding the content was the easy part. Finding the title was something else.
For example, I hesitated between “Teach a man to fish, like Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos” and “How to be bigly smart & rich, like, uh, say, Bill Gates” but found the one too obscure and the other too Trumpian and Valley Girl-ish… Me (waking the Amazon Echo device): Alexa! How’s this for a title…? Alexa: Euw no, are you serious? No, it had to be pithy and profound, like “Rise And Be Healed”, something that would get the initiated nodding their heads. Sharing my plan for getting rich is good but if the title’s not right who’s going to read the post?

Interlude with a friend

Friend: Why Bill? The Gen Zs don’t know who Bill is!
Me: I know,  I’m sentimental. But Bill and I go back a long way, since ’98, or was it ’95 and with all the time, money and effort I spent on Bill I feel that, like a million others, I have a special relationship with him.
Friend: And Jeff?
Me: It’s complicated. Jeff has had a growing influence on my life in recent years and the fact that he’s sitting on top of a huge and growing pile of cash is rather motivating.
Friend: and what’s with “Give a man a fish…“?
Me: oh, you mean “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. It touches me. I once had a business associate who one day asked a local magnate how he got so rich. The magnate pulled out his wallet and handed my associate a big bill, they were in a bar so the guy probably had something else in mind. Anyway, my associate handed the bill back saying that he didn’t want the money… he did, but, well… he said he wanted to know what it takes to get rich! I don’t know what the magnate said but shortly afterwards my associate liquidated our business partnership, a restaurant, and went back to running a Pizza truck.

From Drumpf to Dumped

Streams and Mining

I think it was Warren Buffet who said, if you want to get rich don’t rely on your salary, have multiple income streams, which brings me, at last, to my own innovative plans to get rich.

Already a successful writer with two books to my name, Destination Bishkek and Twelve adventures, one journey writing is a parallel revenue stream for me, even if sales aren’t on a par with the “Da Vinci Code” or the latest pulp-fiction biography about some scurrilous 71 year real estate tycoon in Washington.

So what else is there to boost a working wage and get rich without working 24/7?
Let’s see. Running a Restaurant? I  co-owned a restaurant a few years back but the ROI is close to zero so no. Manual production? I’m not manual and anyway the bots are coming so I’ll wait and see.

What else? Mining cryptocurrencies? OK, so I’m not a Sophomore with unrestricted use of campus utilities but it does sound like something potentially worth looking into, if I can convince my better half that the environmental footprint is minimal to non-existent. That said, I could try and argue that mining cryptocurrencies is less of a risk than certain other energy intensive home-grown commercial activities.

Being entrepreneurial minded and in case I can’t convince my better half that my cottage industry style cryptocurrency mining enterprise is really the way forward, I have a plan B. Besides, market studies are showing that between the utilities and the volatility of its market value the ROI on cryptocurrency mining isn’t guaranteed so maybe I’ll put that plan to one side. Anyway, remember those 19th century gold rush stories? The only people who made a fortune from gold mining where the brothel owners and the merchants, rarely the miners… besides, to paraphrase T-Boone Pickens, who other than funeral parlours would ever consider using “Crypto-whatever” in a marketing strategy?

Finally, I‘ve been considering trying something quite a few self-respecting suburban wannabee entrepreneurs are into: Creating an e-business, thinking up a product, inventing a brand, building a website, an e-commerce service, doing some social media marketing and waiting for fortune to come knocking. I might just give it a try, I mean what could possibly go wrong ?


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