An evergreen from 2009: Squaring up for things to come

Isn’t internet an amazing place? This is an old blog I wrote in 2009 using another avatar… once on the web, always on the web.


A black hole into which all matter be sucked.

Squaring up for things to come

July 25

Strange how time works! Summer holidays now seem like a long time ago… whereas it only seems like just a year ago, not two, since I got married but there you go and here I am, busy living life today, neither overly thinking of the past, nor musing over the distant future. Starting back at work in June, after a month’s absence, was more like picking things up after a long weekend. The problems were still there except that what had seemed way off in the future before the holidays, with bags of time for thought and preparation, was now much nearer… and decisions, hard ones, would soon have to be made.

Coming back and knowing what was in store got me thinking about my own immediate future as well as that of my team. Would the team still be there in 6 months? Would I? Should I anticipate or even precipitate? Rather rhetorical and philosophical questions because being responsible for a team of ±10 culturally different, free thinking, free speaking members I am supposed… no, it’s expected of me, and rightly so… to anticipate and know into what we’re heading and gently nudge the team there… Nudge them there? Yeah! Get to know my team!

So, in all logic, I know the time is coming when I will have to face up to some lively meetings with my team, notably when the axe finally falls and it certainly will. I also know the fore-coming announcement will confirm them in their conviction that, like lambs to the altar, they are being offered up in sacrifice to improve cost optimization, “re-equilibrate” off-shoring to “Right Shoring” and shore up stock options. Then, at that precise moment in time – and with the selective and retentive memory I have – I will not fail to recall certain recent events to their instigators, instigators who had along the way tried and failed to destabilize me, failed in their actions because of misinformation and misconceptions, failed for the wrong, misguided numbrilistic reasons.

While on holiday, and free of day-to-day work problems, thought was given to my current position and alternatives. I’d initiated contact with a company in Beijing and although it wasn’t so much a serious contact as a trial to refine my communication – from the decisive “Elevator message” to the more “expansive” résumé (Where I am coming from what else would you expect?) – for future contacts… who knows it could have come to something and if it had, with wife and furniture, I would have been off in a flash… but it didn’t and I’m still here, browsing through other potential contacts and eyeing network feeds because like a lot of my peers I believe in being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right person.

So. With that thought in mind, and my eye on the network discussion feeds, I’m squaring up for a stormy autumn and believe me, whatever may come and from whatever direction it may come from (to paraphrase a famous Swedish singer talking of his divorce to his no less famous Swedish singer wife) it will all be experience and useful matter for a Blog!!!


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