Personal Development: Exploiting the Alpha Moment

If there’s a topic trending today that’s up there among the top 5 most discussed topics on professional social media, alongside fake news and AI in HR, it has to be “Personal Development” and the many theories, tools, methods and opinions associated with it.

Don’t get me wrong. For having benefited a lot from Personal Development advice and training I’m all for it because it’s helped me to close a deal here and settle a conflict there.

Alpha ThinkingIn fact, there’s one particular Personal Development theory, called “Exploiting the Alpha Moment” that’s helped me a lot. The theory maintains that by exploiting the so-called “Alpha” moment you can improve your personal motivation and develop a) your mental acuity and b) your intuitive/psychic abilities. In so doing you cultivate the positive while nullifying all the negativity that affects the decisions you make and the objectives you fix.

TL;DR? Simply put. The technique helps you analyse, fix and eliminate a problem preoccupying your subconscious you, e.g. a difficult project or a refractory team member, before your next meeting with the MD.

The “Eureka” moment

The theory explains that by exploiting that instant (whenever it occurs) – when the conscious and the subconscious are on the same level – normally deeply buried problems and angsts manifest themselves as conscious, accessible thoughts, rather than as dreams (or cold sweaty, partner waking nightmares).

This “instant” can happen in several ways:

  1. During meditation when your mind is totally void of all conscious thought.
  2. If you are particularly receptive, during the day when your brain slips into neutral between two mental tasks.
  3. At night, just as you are falling asleep1 or in between two sleep cycles2.

1 The Alpha moment occurs in the instant between waking and sleeping when, the brain having finished mentally processing the day’s activity, the conscious and the subconscious may fuse. At this precise point, an underlying (read: Nagging) problem can surface and, free of the day’s immediate requirements, the brain can use its full potential to think it through and find solutions and options that would have been unlikely during the day.

2 The Alpha moment occurs when waking between two sleep cycles. Not quite awake but mentally totally lucid, a problem suddenly become extremely clear and everything falls into place.

Not convinced? Just think “Eureka”. Example: You’ve got a problem and you’re frustrated because you don’t know why. Yes, you have the facts but you can’t pinpoint the purpose or the cause. Gurus and experts will tell you that what’s needed here are intuitive abilities or receptivity (to verbal or non-verbal signals) or simply a flash of inspiration.

The problem is, though, these psychic solutions rarely happen when your brain is actively tackling the problem. My solution was to go home, sleep on it and, Insh’Allah, see how things developed the next day, except that in the meantime I started experiencing these bedtime “Eureka” moments when the brain simply went into overdrive.

When I eventually read an article about this technique I understood that I’d already been practicing it without knowing what it was. It had definitely helped me anticipate and overcome situations (read: challenges) more or less intentionally created.

Post Mortem

“Personal Development”: Snake oil quackery or a valid life hack? Today we have the possibility of doing extensive, cross-referenced research into such techniques and it doesn’t cost anything to read a Life Pro Hack, e.g. about personal finances, especially if it teaches you something because they invariably come from someone’s personal experience.


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