The tenuous connection between altered images and Storage Wars.

So is the connection really that tenuous? Read on and see…
In one of those all too rare moments now I was working with my middle brother on some “Nuts & Bolts” issues with a project he was realizing about altered images and hidden messages.

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The truth that prevails


Ultimately the question was, was a blog site the best platform for his project and, in this day and age where a myriad of other solutions exist (Pinterest, Instagram & Smugmug come to mind) what were the alternatives? The dialogue led me from Box and Dropbox (both of which I use to “Cloud” store my data) to a project my middle nephew is involved with.

Storage Wars

The process, as I read and understood it with my neophyte’s knowledge of the subject (remember? Box & Dropbox?) evolved around a service offer that proposes virtual computing, using VMware, and cloud storage & infrastructure facilities for developed connectivity between in-house Information and Delivery Systems and traditional cloud based infrastructure services & websites and application delivery systems, in other words offering company CTOs and delivery teams the possibility of seriously increasing productivity without shooting costs through the ceiling… Fortunately in the course of my everyday activity I was more of less familiar with the subject, however the more I read the more the analogy of “swimming with sharks” occurred to me and my respect for my nephew, CTO at a major UK enterprise, was growing beyond traditional, chauvinist family bounds.

The objective of the project, as I read it, was about providing a hybrid cloud infrastructure (a mixture of Public & Private systems) to companies who want to maintain control of in-house data and delivery management systems but see the value add of cloud systems, notably to secure backup and data storage without running the risk of disrupting, even show-stopping downtime (and the invariably hefty loss of revenue that comes with it*). In a world where billion dollar transactions happen in a split second that could be bad for business and disastrous for someone’s career plan.
(* Imagine what would happen if a major Cloud data storage system goes offline, albeit for a short while, as happened with Amazon one friday night in 2012. It scared the pants off and infuriated quite a few people… not a prospect most delivery teams would like to envisage… and was the probable catalyst for hybrid cloud storage.)

Diametrically opposite to the above case, but still serving my purpose, I read an article this week about the origins of Twitter and chuckled at reading that at even at a later stage of one particular company’s development, and the chairman wooing investors, one senior executive kept whole portions of the business (Codes, program, business plan…) on his laptop. Apparently this isn’t uncommon when launching a start-up, the whole secret is then to know when to start thinking development and delegation, and according to the story this sort of sealed the senior executive’s fate. I chuckled again at the thought that some enterprising Cloud advocate or protagonist wouldn’t hesitate using that particular parable in their next sales presentation!

You, Me and Dupree

But back to my original point about wanting to realize a personal project of more than 140 characters then publish it. I remembered a recent news report announcing that global PC sales were down, while Tablet & Smartphone sales were rocketing. Well that was one way of presenting a fact! Of course the number of Tablets, mini-tablets and Smartphones are on the rise. The number of people capable of buying them is increasing. Due credit though to traditional PC service and applications providers for adapting to new markets but as long as there are those same providers, producers, creators and webmasters, and that includes You, Me and Dupree, there will still be a stable demand for PCs.

Talking hard facts. For every western PC maker who considers abandoning PC construction there are 5 or more Indian or Asian PC constructors waiting to fill the void, and that’s food for thought! Personally I’ve gone beyond unswerving fidelity to a certain Palo Alto constructor, especially when faced with a better offer from elsewhere and if the selling prices for laptops or Gaming PCs is dropping, to attract new clients, I for one will definitely make the most of it. But the question begs. Is such a strategy supposed to reverse the tendency? Seriously? With gadgets such as Samsung’s digital wrist watch coming onto the market?

Producers and Consumers

And finally concerning the debate about “Producers and Consumers”. I typed the first draft of this post on a Tablet, damn, was it a pain! Tablets, along with Smartphones, are great for surfing and consuming but have you tried updating a website on one? Don’t! I tried updating one of my websites on my Tablet and quickly gave it up as a bad job, finally completing the work on my Laptop because I couldn’t be bothered to boot my faithful old Dell Dimension 4600, with 80 GB HDD and XP OS. Nostalgic? no! Pragmatic? yes! While I do get a certain satisfaction from ordering the latest Dan Brown on Amazon, via my Smartphone, I get a real pleasure from photo processing, writing books & blogs and creating websites with all the tools and softwares designed for job available on my PC and then backing it all up on the Cloud.

You never know who's doing what with your image out there! You never know who’s doing what with your image out there!

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