Paris in Spring

Ah Paris in spring! A furtive weekend for two lovers, walking hand in hand in the scented, fragrant streets of gay Paris, watching the charming and “ever so friendly” Parisians go about their business, like industrious squirrels cleaning their nests after a long, cold snowy winter.

Ah Paris in spring…a trip on a river boat, wining, dining and admiring the rainy scenery as the evening falls.

Ah Paris in spring… the Eiffel tower, the eternal, with sparkling lights illuminating her flanks and the beam of the search light crown piercing the night like some storm-beaten Atlantic lighthouse guiding mariners on their way… A truly great dame in all her splendid, but time tried coquetterie (a fleeting thought for the late, great Elisabeth Taylor crosses my mind).

Ah Paris in spring…The same Moulin Rouge, Pigalle, and Montmartre that Toulouse-Lautrec and Picasso once frequented.

Ah Paris in spring…the Champs Elysée, its arcades and shops filled with exoticism and promises of apparent happiness.

Ah Paris in spring…Notre Dame, still the same after all those centuries and still the visitors search its twin towers in vain hope of glimpsing some Quasimodo like curiosity among the gargoyles and the pigeons.

Ah Paris in spring…the Trocadero so large but where the promenaders willingly take their time walking around, admiring artists here, listening briefly to woe-mongers and hecklers there, before crossing the river to join the multitude besieging the great dame.

Ah Paris in spring…Gastronomic delight for globetrotting epicureans.
Ah Paris in spring…under the cobblestones is a beach, they used to say
Ah! Paris in spring!

If you enjoyed this little tale here is the link to a book I wrote on this and other adventures I went on. The book’s called “Twelve adventures, one journey” and is available on Amazon.

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