2010: Almost the end of a not so brilliant year

What to retain from 2010? Well a client of mine asked me last October to list 3 positive things that happened in 2010. I thought for a second and replied that I couldn’t think of one, let alone three! But that’s from a professional perspective.

From a personal perspective 2010 was a happy year. With the professional conjuncture somewhat sombre, as it was, life carried on regardless and a short 2 weeks in Bishkek end of May/early June left us wondering why we only took 2 weeks summer vacation when we could have stayed a month for the same price!?:(…a story told elsewhere in this blog site.
Note for 2011 New Year’s resolutions: Not to sacrifice summer holidays for clients or a team (wondering where they were going, anyway) who wouldn’t have missed me the extra 2 weeks.

Whatever! Years are made of what you put into them. It you sit there lamenting then more fool you and like John Lennon said “life is what you are living while you are busy making plans”. It appears I put a fair amount into 2010 as I was determined that my private life would not take 02nd place to a job unless there was another 15k/annum on top of the current status.

As far as the job is concerned that’s a story for another time and place but strangely enough December 2010 saw me receiving, for the 01st time in ± 2 years, spontaneous job offers from the local job centre for managerial staff, a hint, I noted in passing, that a change in conjuncture, albeit timid, was underway.

So what to expect from 2011? Nothing! Let it come. Perhaps a change in job, perhaps a change of flat or even horizon, with my guiding light we’ll see!

Note from the author: Wisdom counselled that I rewrite this entry several times. 01st writing was to get it out from under the skin; 02nd writing was the wisdom kicking in… that and the after effect of the Xmas break; 03rd writing was for the fun and for kicking over traces (remarks that I don’t want airing right now and that some might take umbrage to… and I don’t want that, just yet).


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