2 days in Sunny Munich

My beloved and I decided to go to see friends of hers in Munich. Great I thought! A long weekend in Munich and I love Munich. It was a good chance to take some photos – with my still faithful but ailing Photosmart – of places visited in a previous life, replacing in the process some of the photos long since lost, drink some of the local beer and brush up on my German.
I’m happy to say that after 20 odd years most of its still there, my German and Munich, but how the head was starting to hurt at the end of the 01st day. I felt like I had run into a wall … I would start a sentence in German and finish it in French! Mind you getting up at 2 in the morning to catch an early flight out of Lyon then spending 8 hours walking around Munich’s city centre, plus a few beers, didn’t help.
02nd day in Munich and the agenda was fixed with Teutonic precision: Olympic stadium and Tower, a beer festival and more walking…poor feet but what a tan!
…and no sooner were we there than were we back…there and back in 3 days, flight included, with the wished for photos and the knowledge that my German wasn’t totally lost.

PS. Before going we had been watching the weather and knew that the depression coming in over Brittany Friday would be over Grenoble Saturday/Sunday then over Munich a day later so we where relishing the mild sunny spring Munich weather over the weekend. We got back to Lyon in the rain but as usual if it rains in Lyon its nice in Grenoble and that was the case. A call later from the friends in Munich confirmed the forecast. The weather had turned in Munich and it was cold and raining…just made the weekend all the more enjoyable to know that!


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