Autumn break

So? Have our intrepid Sunday mountaineers gone and fallen over some cliff edge somewhere?
No, we’re just taking a break as autumn sets in and the gods and Meteo France decide what the weekend weather’s going to be, last weekend for example it rained the Saturday, snowed on Sunday (the Glandon pass was closed for bad weather) and was sunny, but a very windy 26 degrees Celsius on the Monday!!! This weekend wasn’t so bad but the powers that be decided to have a lie in, 2 early start trips to Lyon during the week helped tip the balance.

Thank heavens there’s the rugby world cup on at the moment!!! During the occasional match we chance to watch the better half, bless her socks, lifts her eyes from the “Woolie” she’s wisely knitting for the Siberian winter that we won’t have (global warming, they say) and express her incomprehension at the sight of 30 men of varying size, shape and colour of shirt, charging into one and other, for no apparent reason, rather than running after the ball like they do in Football. I tried explaining that the charging and chopping down of the opponent is all part of the game and what the players are trained for since their tender age but I could see the incomprehension in her eyes was just growing.

I tried another approach but not even the trip to a bookshop, to show my beloved France’s answer of the Pirelli calendar, a calendar called “The Gods of the Stadium ” helped. Perhaps it was because the Black and White photos of clean-shaven, Olympian looking, very naked male rugby players simply had no correlation with what we were seeing on TV. I mean can you imagine Sebastian Chabal looking angelic?

Thank heavens I didn’t have to explain the difference between rugby and American football. Mind you could have been worse! We could have been watching a cricket match!


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