Per ardua ad montis

At last we finally reached our limit! I’m referring of course to the number of photos MSN Live spaces lets you upload a month… there I was happily uploading another 50+ photos onto my albums page when they kindly informed me that I had filled my monthly quota of photos and would have to wait until October before uploading more but as it turns out I managed to post what I wanted to post and we’ll see about next week next week, lucky you.

Back to this week and yes we went to the “Col du Glandon” as I announced last week and went further onto the “Col de la croix de fer” (2067m alt) (see the album of the same name), some 3Kms further on from the “Glandon” pass (1928m alt). Getting to the “Glandon” pass was a hairy experience. I’d heard that the mountain sides of the valley, of the river Romanche, we had to go through to get up to the mountain passes, were very unstable and just in case you had a doubt big red signs along the side of the road of the valley warned walkers not to adventure off the road or else risk their lives. I kid you not the rocks were big, so we were happy to get to where we wanted to go and happy to get home again. 

Before you ask yes it was another nice sunny Sunday, although the weather is turning now so along with the food, water, thermos, compass, Swiss knife (its less than 5 by 1 cms but its a Victorinox alright) and wife I took an extra pullover. As it turned out I didn’t need it but it was there and long with the compass, Swiss knife and I forget what else just in case.

So what photos won’t I be able to upload next week then, you ask. We’re not sure. We are toying with the idea of going back to a place called “La Grave”. We went there a few weeks ago, on our way to Briançon. We had stopped off at a place where there was a ski lift that went up to up to a first station ± 2400m, then went on further to a 02nd station at ±3200m but as we weren’t equipped we stayed at the 01st station promising to come back next time and do go to the 02nd station. This time is that “Next time” and we’ll adventure up to the glacier and thrill everyone with our photos of yet more mountains, lucky you!!!

PS. Looking at the long range weather forecast I see snow is forecasted for next weekend. I’m not sure but in case it really does snow where we want to go my beloved and I have a plan.


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