what next?

The third in a series of nice sunny, now autumn, weekend hikes around the mountains of the Belledonne massif, east of Grenoble, saw us climbing up a mountain called “Super Collet” – Allevard (alt: 1650m to 2000+ m).

Actually if I count the pre-wedding trip to St Agnes it was the fourth “incursion” into the Belledonne massif but that’s not a story for here and now…

Enough of that but talking of incursions. There I was rambling on this afternoon – figuratively and literally – about why I wanted to go down a stony, slippery and maybe a slightly too vertical path while a nice gently sloped path was just waiting for us off to the right when the missus declared that we had been bitten by the mountain hiking bug.

As if to illustrate her point she crouched and said :  “Oh look at the lovely flower”  so faithful husband that I am I promptly fell to my knees, whipping my HP Photosmart 945 out in the process, and took some photos of a solitary bluebell type flower (see the photo album “Allevard”) that I wouldn’t know the name of if it tripped me over!!!

Anyway of course she’s right. Each outing is getting better and better organized (Darn! forgot the Sherpa again…but I did remember the thermos!!!). We’re increasing the duration and difficulty of each trip, looking to go up higher and more abrupt slopes, as if a simple trip to the corner shop no longer suffices. “Oh my goodness. What ever next?”” I hear you ask, but don’t worry we’re not off to Nepal (yet) , maybe the Mont Blanc one day but in the meantime we are looking to get round this mass of Belledonne rock to see what’s on the other side so if the sunny weather holds next week’s trip will probably be to a place called “le Col du Glandon” …or if it rains it’ll be a place called “Fontaine municipal swimming pool”.


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