I had a dream…

Well actually I did! Saturday evening before going to sleep the better half asked me what we do on Sunday…short of ideas and wise man that I strive to be I thought it better to sleep on it before answering…

… and believe it or not it worked!!! Sunday morning, drifting into conscientiousness, brain not quite awake, I had one of those nanosecond revelation dreams. 

Lo & behold, during morning ablutions, toothbrush in hand the missus slipped the killer question, “Well, where’re we going today then?”,  in somewhere between “what do you want for breakfast” and “tea or coffee ?”
“Lets go to Chamrousse!!!” , I replied gearing up for another Sunny Sunday expedition.

Brief explanation for Neophytes.
– Chamrousse is a ski resort some 30 minutes away from Grenoble that can be seen twinkling in the east on sunny days and starry nights.
– Chamrousse station starts at ± 1650m and , via cable cars and hiking paths, goes up to ±2000m.
– …Chamrousse can get very busy on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

So upon arrival at Chamrousse and after choosing a suitable path, one without too many hikers, (they all look like they were on their way up Mont Blanc – toddlers too!) we set off for a 2 hour gentle and enjoyable slip/sliding mountain trek, stopping here and there to get our breath back and take some photos (see the photo Album “Chamrousse”).  We eventually arrived back at the 1750m station feeling slightly worse for wear and ready to kill a cuppa!!!

Watch out for the next installment : “Les 7 Laux”


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